Get to know the Togel Market in Indonesia

Get to know the Togel Market in Indonesia

Get to know the 3 best lottery markets in Indonesia

Get to know your Togel Market in Indonesia. Playing the lottery may not be something that is difficult to learn. Almost all new players who try to play the lottery will be able to do it by itself. This is because the lottery gambling game only guesses the numbers that will be the result later.

Lottery games are only based on the result market played. Almost all countries have their own markets for playing lottery results. But unlike Indonesia, most lottery markets that are played in Indonesia are markets in other countries. There are several lottery markets that are often played in Indonesia, such as the Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong markets.

Below we will discuss in full 3 lottery markets that are often played in Indonesia.

Data SGP Market

The Singapore market is located the same as its name, namely in Singapore. This market is the market most played by players in Indonesia. Maybe there are some who know the lottery only playing in this market.

The Singapore market is divided into two results that are often played in Indonesia, namely Singapore Toto and Singapore 4D. The result hours of the two are only a few minutes different from around 17:40 WIB.

Singapore toto result 2 times a week, namely on Monday and Thursday. Singapore Toto has 6 result numbers and there are only a few lottery bookies that play the 6 result numbers in Singapore Toto. Meanwhile, Singapore 4D results every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and only has 4 result numbers.

These two results are usually combined by some land and online bookies. And most dealers only take the last 4 numbers for each of these results. The Singapore market does not have a result number on Tuesday and Friday and will usually be closed on that day.

HongKong Prize market

The Hong Kong market has results every day at 23:00 WIB. This market is the second most crowded market in Indonesia besides the Singapore market.

This may be due to some people who feel like playing again after losing on the Singapore market. Another thing is also because the result clock is different from Singapore, which is at night. The nightly result hour also gives players plenty of time to scramble and look for numbers to place bets.

The Hong Kong market has no holidays and there are always 6 results every day. Most bookies in Indonesia only play the last 4 numbers.

Sydney market

The Sydney market has a different clock result from the two markets above, which is at 13:50 WIB. This is why the lottery market is the third most played in Indonesia.

The Sydney market has no day off and results every day. the Sydney market also has 6 number results and only the last 4 results are played like the others.