Get to know Ceme City at IDN Poker

Get to know Ceme City at IDN Poker

Probably many still do not understand what ceme is available at IDN Poker. Bandar Ceme is a gambling game that uses domino cards to play. This game is more or less the same as the domino qiu qiu game that is usually played. The number 9 is the highest value in this game.

The difference is that you can become a dealer in this game. There will be many rooms available in the city ceme and you are free to choose to be a dealer or a player to play.

And another advantage is that there is a global jackpot available in this game. The jackpot will be determined from the dealer card plus the player card you are playing. You are free to place the jackpot or not here. There will be additional fees if you want to play the jackpot in this game.

These two things make the ceme dealer game a lot of enthusiasts and the difficulty of understanding this game is not too difficult.

What is Ceme?

Ceme is a card game that uses 28 domino cards to play. 2 cards will be distributed to each player and also the dealer. The winner in this game is determined by the sum of the 2 cards dealt. Value 9 is the highest value in this . If the sum is more than the number 9 will be determined from the back value only, example 16 then the assumed value is 6.

With this ease of playing, it will help players who are new to playing and are confused while playing poker. Because the game of poker must have good skills to get a win. Here you only wish for luck from the cards we receive.

How To Play In Ceme City

Each city ceme room has a maximum of 8 players, namely 1 for bookies and 7 for players. To play as a dealer you have to need more capital than being a player. Because as a dealer you will fight all the players and have to pay the player if the player wins.

The advantage as a city is that you will still win when you have a card with the same value on the player. When you become a player you will get 2x payment from the installation when you successfully get the number 9.

To win the jackpot here as a dealer will have a greater chance than players. This is because the card that is considered a jackpot is 2 dealer cards plus 2 player cards. If the card forms the highest pattern in the domino, it will win the global jackpot. However, the capital used to play the jackpot depends on the number of players playing.

Getting the jackpot in this city ceme game is very easy. Moreover, you play on IDN Poker because the jackpot on the IDN server is very easy and easy to get.