Game Types In IDN Live

Game Types In IDN Live

Get to know several types of games on IDN Live

Get to know some of the games on IDN LIVE. before explaining some of the games available on IDN LIVE, maybe some of you still don’t know what IDN is. IDN is the largest gambling server that you can find on online gambling sites. IDN servers provide many well-known gambling games such as poker, lottery and casino.

The appearance of the IDN server has answered some players who play feel unfair in gambling betting. IDN servers are known as one of the fairest servers and do not use cheating in playing online gambling. Maybe this is what makes IDN one of the big trusted servers that provide various online gambling games.

IDN servers provide several types of games such as IDN Poker, IND Live and IDN toto. On this occasion we will discuss some of the games available on IDN live. Here you can find many types of games that you used to play a lot. Which is currently difficult for you to find and you can play it now here.

Get to know 24D Ball from IDN LIVE

In this game it is usually known as the rolling ball. Which will be provided with a machine that contains 24 balls in it. Of the 24 balls, 12 black balls and 12 red balls with each ball having a number from 1 to 24. Here you only guess the ball that will come out later after rolling.

There are many types of bets available here. Generally it’s not too difficult to play this game, because you only need to guess the ball that will come out of the machine. You can guess from the color of the ball that came out or the number that came out on the ball. This game is quite simple and has different multiplications in each installation.

Get to know the Oglok Game

This game was a game that was quite popular in the past. This game uses Data Sidney to Play. Each of the dice is not numbered but has a picture of each in each corner. The pictures are Crab, Chicken, Fish and Shrimp.

The dice played are 3 dice and the dice will be thrown to determine the picture that comes out. If you place a bet on the picture on the dice that comes out you will win the game in

Head Tail Coin Pada IDN Live

Head Tail Coin is a gambling game that uses coins to determine victory. In this game, 3 coins will be selected, each of which has a tail and head image. The image on the head is a blue tiger and the tail is a red dragon.

This game is not too difficult to play. You just have to guess exactly what will appear on the coin. This game has a greater chance than others so that you will get an easier advantage from this game.