Blackjack Strategy For Beginner Players

Blackjack Strategy For Beginner Players

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Blackjack is well-known as one of the casino games where the players have the best chance of winning. However, wins are far from guaranteed, and inexperienced players are much more likely to lose to casinos compared to those using time-tested strategies. One of the most overlooked parts of playing blackjack is the betting process.

The biggest challenge new players face is adapting their betting strategy as the game progresses. The game changes every time a card is dealt, which is why it is so important that you know which strategy works under certain conditions when you play blackjack. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Progressive Betting Strategy

If you have some great hands, you should probably increase your stake on the next bet, right? Not! Even though this was a strategy many players used, there was absolutely no science to back it up.

You may have a great strategy you can win at :  (or you might get lucky), but that doesn’t mean that everyone will be a winner. Betting your entire budget on one hand is never a good idea.

So let’s finish this, get on with it – don’t change hands based on previous results. Some players use what is called a progressive betting strategy, meaning that they will increase or decrease their bet after each win.

There are various theories behind positive and negative progressive betting strategies, but the truth is that you can always end up with a bad deal on the next side.

Forget your past hands. Even if you have a good system, it is not a guarantee that anyone will be a winner. It’s important to set a reasonable bet and double it later if things go your way.

Soft 17

Soft 17 is a hand containing an ace and a six. Most people know that they should always hit this hand, because they don’t have to worry about leaving. The worst case scenario is that you are dealt five cards and have to start again at 12.

What most people don’t do is change their bets. Since you have a very strong chance of winning in soft 17 it’s generally a good idea to double to increase your chances of winning.

Sulit 17

17 hard is a hand that adds up to 17 without an ace. If you hit on this hand, you have a 69% chance of going through 21, which means that your safest bet – in this case – is to hold.

Dealer Owns Ace

Repeat after me: never double if the dealer has an ace. The dealer has a higher chance of winning with an ace on the table, regardless of the cards you are currently playing.